UI / UX Designer

The UI | User interface designer creates the overall layout & navigation of a users experience. Being a UI designer involves creating the overall blueprint of how things work and integrate. UI is used through kiosk user navigation, in all website, mobile, and app layouts, as well as in any touch screen service. Through years of experience in developing visual systems and organized navigation, if done well, UI is a vital key to communication in an ever growing virtual world.

The UX | User experience designer is involved with the process of enhancing user satisfaction and connectivity by improving the technical usability, accessibility, and the experience provided in the interaction between the user and the UI. Through User Research and Continuous Testing, seamless updates can be applied and upgraded. UI & UX have been my dual role on numerous projects, which I extensively sketched, mapped out, researched, and upgraded to a great success along with amazing development teams both local & remote around the world.

Design is a solution to a problem. When actions are clearly defined and universally understood, it’s much easier to attack a problem, propose a solution and execute on it. Creative leads and UX designers are responsible for the process of research, testing, development, layout, and prototyping to test for quality results. These are some steps in the process of UX Design which include Strategy for an overall Project Analysis, User Research, Service Structure, & Layout Development. Wireframing and Prototyping are developed to guide the project efficiently. The Execution relies on coordination with developers, creative springs with integration’s, and post production analysis.

UI / UX Design Portfolio