Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.


One in every five hearing instruments sold in the United States is a Siemens instrument. Siemens manufactures approximately one in four hearing instruments sold worldwide. Siemens Healthcare employs some 48,000 employees worldwide and operates around the world. In fiscal year 2010 (to September 30), the Sector posted revenue of 12.4 billion euros and profit of around 750 million euros.

Siemens Hearing Instruments works with and supports a customer base consisting of both large companies and independent Hearing Care Professionals. Over eighty percent of Siemens business comes from independent Hearing Care Professionals. The Siemens customer account base consists of: Hearing Care Professionals, Audiologists, and ENTs (Ear Nose & Throat specialists), Hearing Care Practices, Hospitals, Clinics, Offices, and the Government U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

I was in charge of national advertising for audiologists, branding for internal launches, and designing for the Siemens VA partnership. The Veteran’s Administration has contracts in place with six major hearing aid manufacturers. It was a challenge with tight deadlines and altering layouts for various campaigns both digital advertising and all things printed. The iMini campaign required multiple file setups and Quality reviews before sending out. Every pixel had to be perfect to pass the headquarters QA team in Germany. I learned how to design like a machine with precision and speed. The corporate experience taught me many new skills along with my team. Working both independent and together when the clock was ticking and files needed to be quickly formed out and sent to press, we accomplished a great deal of work in a vast amount of time.

Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad. The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and the growing future of home infrastructure. Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 372,000 people worldwide and reported global revenue of around €83 billion in 2017 according to its earnings release.


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