Branding Design

Branding is a complex process that is performed across all types of media, including web design & app user experience. Everything is connected. Everything from the way appearance of a brand “looks and feels”, communicates in typography, layout, and visual messaging is vital to maintain a unique identity. Creating style guides and intricate templates for the rules of design for each entity have been a strong background of mine.

Branding is a product or services identity. With successful advertising and marketing campaigns, branding extensions can establish growth in various areas. Working in many high level creative agencies has helped my eye for detail. Great teams leave great impressions & the experience toward the solutions are ones never to be forgot.

Whether it be a comprehensive brand promotion or a full in depth website or kiosk application, branding is the essential thread I build into projects with elements and visual hierarchy. Many times I have been brought in to help in re-branding a new corporate identity & visual system. The foundation of any identity system begins with the logo, and streams across the entire visual identity system. The eye sees clearly and if you communicate efficiently you will be noticed.

Brand & Identity Design Portfolio