Web Development

Web designers work in a variety of industries to build interfaces and web pages which significantly expand user capability. Responsive web design includes offering the same support to a variety of flexible layouts for a single website. Multiple versions of a site are created and connected for multiple platforms, browsers, and devices. Years of experience on multiple aspects of corporate web development have lead to successfully built and easily searchable websites. There are many avenues to build bridges with potential users, while maintaining brand essence.

Today websites no longer are just limited to a screen on a desk. Depending on the user program it can be in a watch, various phone screens, tablets of all kind, or exclusive to kiosk touch screens used in business services nationwide. The interface is designed and developed with all these aspects in mind, while extra areas are developed for future updates and security.

I have always found a dedicated solution to every problem. WordPress software has been used most prominently across many services that I work with so over the years I have also become Project Manager over website maintenance for many of my clients. Digital software can crash, so there are important steps taken to secure backups and analytic data for SEO page score to overall site evolution.

Web & App Design Portfolio