Detail oriented professional visual designer with 16+ years of collaborative design experience for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, & remotely. A solid driving force of the user experience, acting as the digital architect to cross-disciplinary teams in agile environments.

Translated brand & user end goal insights into action & conducted stakeholder UI initiatives to build & enhance digital experiences. Managed designers, 3D video animators, developers, & brand messaging for large international teams, and small local groups. Developed years of innovative strategies with many dynamic websites, responsive mobile apps, & kiosk touch screens.



Delivered logos, branding guide lines, graphics, story-mapping visuals, sketches, & mock–ups for management and developer teams with a consistent ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines. Demonstrated effective leadership of the user experience along with meaningful cross-platform user interface layouts & concepts across multiple visual browsers and mobile devices.

Branding Design

Branding is a complex process that is performed across all types of media, including web design & app user…

UI / UX Designer

The UI | User interface designer creates the overall layout & navigation of a users experience. Being a UI…

Web Design

Web designers work in a variety of industries to build interfaces and web pages which significantly expand user capability….




We live in a culture of now, of quickly creating more for less. All the more reason to know exactly what an idea or experience should look, feel & function before you start. In total darkness, it takes just one candle to light up an entire room. Creative solutions equipped for modern user connectivity is the way of the future.


With great structure any size task can be managed quickly or for years of upgraded management. The life of a designer is about commitment. You have to be prepared. Often being the sole director and designer of many projects, I’ve become versatile and adept to learning new paradigms in order to further deliver a story which connects users.


The role of a designer is to communicate efficiently after study, research, and knowledge is put into the design structure. What kind of font to use? How should text align, be spaced, ordered & shaped? Designers provide shortcuts and alternate routes through masses of information.

Design & Branding

When Form and functionality become balanced, the user finds everything easily engaging. Analyzing information to understand the task, identity, & brand targets are the first steps utilized to  develop ideas & solutions for branded design. Unique concepts are integrated for user navigation in clean, modern, easy to navigate UI, which is critical for connection to users.