"There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see." – Leonardo da Vinci


18+ Years Of Experience
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Digital Art Director

High Level Fidelity Design Projects.

Branding is no longer simply about visual appeal but communicating and connecting through digital empathetic user design. I develop creative solutions for small & big brands alike, build authentic product identities & much more.

Who I Am

I design experiences + help create strategies, design layouts & user connections.

Interface Design

Implementation & rollout of new mobile responsive products & design user flow diagrams & prototypes.


Conducting user research for the best user experience, which fulfills the relationship and design esthetics being communicated.

Real-time UI/UX

Proficiently designing standards that create real-life digital experiences that are shared in accordance with the creative strategies.

Translating Brand Goals

User end goal insights are creatively built for strategic experiences based on data driven behaviors.

Evaluating Usability

Prototyping + Developing UX Design Concepts

Developing a product that people love, often requires both good UI and UX. Intuitive navigation and organized user goals, based on an information architecture, will build successful aesthetic interactions that are clean and well designed. High fidelity wireframes show what  the final design will look like. Successful user journey maps and personas based on analyzed customer personas and metrics, create visually appealing and easy to navigate experiences.

Case Study

Dream. Innovate. Implement.

Years of creative Ad agency and freelance have cultivated smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned clients. By adhering to industry standards, I've created some elaborate brand redefines and clear user interfaces across all mobile responsive devices. My focus is creating meaningful digital experiences + strategic user journeys from concept through development.

  • Providing experienced consultation + support.
  • History with the most successful businesses.
Lisa Cohn
Lisa C. Digital Communications Strategist
Neal B
Neal B. Website owner - Non-Profit
Rama P
Rama P Bayer Technical Development Manager, North American Headquarters
Sara Sable-Antry Senior Manager Marketing, Siemens Hearing Instruments
Linsey Cozewith
Linsey Cozewith Associate Marketing & Communications Director, Madison Area YMCA
Felice D’Addario
Felice D’Addario Creative Director, LexisNexis | Martindale-Hubbell
David W.
David W. CEO BodyWorksDW, NYC Deep tissue massage specialists
John Proctor
John Proctor CEO Starcast Productions - Video & photography production studio
Steve Jones
Steve Jones CEO & Founder Pockstock
D. Ludgate
D. Ludgate Sr. Communications Director - Marketing, PR, Events
EJ Davis
EJ Davis V.P. Sales & Marketing
Manikandan Sukumaran
Manikandan Sukumaran Technical Development Lead

"It was wonderful working with you on our digital projects. Thanks so much for your help, and enthusiasm! Let’s stay in touch. All my best."

" THE WEBSITE LOOKS 10000000x better! WOW!! I shared it with a few board members letting them know this is a work in progress. They were truly impressed. Truly this looks SPECTACULAR!! Thank you again!!! "

" The original Kiosk which launched almost a decade ago was starting to be called aging; it needed a major refresh. Retailers were speculating about removing our previous kiosks from their stores; giving away our valuable in-store kiosk location and making our Custom Fit Orthotic product inaccessible to Consumers. This initiative and your hard work not only will allow Dr. Scholl’s Custom products to remain in stores, but further helps make Consumers lives better by giving them custom products that will enhance their lives. Thanks again not only from myself but on the behalf of rest of the Bayer project team as well. Thank you!!!!!! "

" Kevin has always helped us out when we were in need, going beyond his duty to help us out, and always with a nice smile and calmness that helps when it's the end of the long work day. He is a great designer and will have a strong future ahead of him for sure. It has been a pleasure working with him at Siemens Healthcare. "

" It has been a pleasure as always working with Kevin. Everything always looks great! We greatly appreciate his swift designs as we were always running tight on time. Thanks for your work! "

" I am pleased to recommend Mr. Vancio to any potential employer who requires a reliable, creative communicator with high values and solid judgment. Kevin performed well during his time here at LexisNexis under my supervision. His work was of high-quality, reflects great imagination and creativity. He is proactive and takes initiative to make sure all of his projects were delivered on time. I gladly recommend Kevin as a designer who will bring creativity, dependability, loyalty, and productivity to any company he is employed with. "

" Kevin has been an invaluable resource for my business. His designs are sharp, visually stunning, and really capture the essence of what I’m up to. He has the rare dual quality necessary for top notch web design: ...both a brilliant visual artist and a powerful (web) engineer. Kevin is also one of the warmest people I know, and a complete joy to work with! "

" Working with Kevin has been one of the most pleasant experiences. Not only with the collaboration but also professionalism.. He & his partner gave me a time frame and estimate to completely rebuild my website from the ground up, not only was it done early and on budget but the site was better than I had envisioned. I was stunned at the ease and dynamic flexibility the site has to offer me. They were in constant communication with me through out the process....as a Director / Producer / Director of Photography for my production company Star Cast Productions, I would without question or hesitation use Kevin's Designs going forward on ANY of our web development needs. "

" Websignia brought Kevin in as our Art Director of digital designs. We worked on the Ingredient House, 9/11 Memorial Museum, Immortal Beloved, Marvel, Glee and a host of others. We enjoyed working with you and I'd be happy to note my experience with you.

" I'm so happy you joined my team helping to take our B2B communications to a new level. Your creative genius is all we needed. Thanks for your speedy work! "

" Kevin has been wonderful to work with and a great team player, taking on all kinds of projects. I loved working with him and wish him the best going forward- I'm sure he'll do just fine. "

" It was really a great experience working with you on Dr. Scholl's project for the last 2 years. Appreciate your hard work and dedication for this project. ALL THE BEST! "

Development of Digital Portals

Web Design & Development

Building Identities + using the most up to date technologies, my development team and I create one page to hundreds of pages of complex developed interfaces, Apps, Websites, UI/UX, integrated Video, with Professional website maintenance + custom created Brand Identity.


We utilize top optimization techniques, using the latest Metrics testing tools to keep your web portal connected with high end optimized backend coding, to ensure every site meets the highest standard with the fastest load times across multi-platform digital responsive devices. 


Vital to making digital connections, we have expert insight into Google Analytic 5 star integration, Code Minification, Browser Caching, Database Optimization, Resizing photos, Software version upgrades, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), GTmetrix, PS Insights, Monthly Analysis + Reporting.

Website Speed
+ Ranking

Google penalizes slow performing mobile sites in search ranking if it is not created & maintained properly. A faster site means a better experience, lower bounce rates, improved ROI + conversion rates. My team optimizes for the best results on search SERPS + E-Commerce solutions with responsive adaptations.


Through every pixel screen of artificial glowing light, we create stories, expressions, emotions, feelings, and connections that can last a lifetime. Through all digital problems there are solutions and innovated channels, drawn out in empathetic design. Our connections excel a better experience with thoughtful design.